Explore the Enchanting “Wizardry With Wood” Exhibition in Chattanooga | In-Town Gallery Event

Step into a world of mesmerizing craftsmanship at Chattanooga’s “Wizardry With Wood” exhibition, hosted by In-Town Gallery. Running from December 6th to December 31st, this captivating event showcases the extraordinary woodworking talents of Roger Harvey, an artist renowned for his masterful creations.

Roger Harvey’s woodworking artistry is a fusion of intricate curves, captivating surfaces, and flowing lines, transforming ordinary wooden pieces into remarkable bowls, lamps, and vases. Witness the magical touch of Harvey’s craftsmanship, an enchanting display of skill and artistry that elevates woodwork to an entirely new level.

Join us for the exhibition’s opening on December 1st, featuring a special reception on Wednesday, December 6th, from 5-8pm. Explore the captivating allure of Harvey’s signature ‘globe’ lamps – from smaller, foot-tall lamps with dimmable bulbs to towering, statement-making pieces over 40 inches tall. Crafted with precision and finesse, these lamps boast curved sides spiraling up from the base, creating a stunning visual effect that’s both unique and captivating.

A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Roger Harvey’s artistic journey spans pottery, jewelry crafting, and now, an unwavering focus on the inherent beauty of woodworking. His expertise and dedication to his craft shine through in each meticulously created piece.
But the magic doesn’t end there. In-Town Gallery offers an array of holiday gift options, from Christmas ornaments and jewelry to wall sculptures, paintings, and glass art. Dive into an immersive artistic experience with additional events like the “Hands, Earth, and Fire” pottery demonstration by Jonathan Clardy on December 16th.

Moreover, In-Town Gallery proudly introduces esteemed artists Don Hill and Kathleen Pacenti to its growing roster of Chattanooga talents. Don’s evocative landscape paintings capture moments filled with emotions, while Kathleen’s vibrant mixed media artworks exude energy and dynamism.
Located ‘Between the Bridges’ on Chattanooga’s North Shore at 26A Frazier Ave, In-Town Gallery invites you to explore the imaginative world of local artists. Discover unique art pieces that resonate with your soul and celebrate the craftsmanship of talented artisans.
Visit us during the exhibition from December 6th to December 31st, open Mondays through Saturdays from 11am to 6pm, and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm. For more details, visit www.intowngallery.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of woodworking artistry at “Wizardry With Wood” and experience the magic firsthand!

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