Chattanooga introduces country’s first community-wide 25 Gig network

25 gigs y’all! There’s a reason Chattanooga’s called Gig City! We have long been home to the world’s fastest internet, and we’re making sure we hold on to that title with the country’s very first community-wide 25 gig network. ALL residential and commercial customers have access to this service if they want it! Imagine how attractive that will be to businesses, and the subsequent business growth we’ll have!

Just another reason to love Chattanooga!

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This article does a good job summarizing the pros and cons of real estate in the current market conditions.

It has data driven facts, such as “historically, high mortgage rates tend to be associated with periods of strong economic growth, low employment, strong wage growth and high inflation. These conditions usually mean that people have more money to spend so they’re also associated with increases, not decreases, in home prices.  The one exception cited in the research: rapid increases in mortgage rates like the ones we’ve experienced recently are historically associated with slower home price appreciation, he says.”

A big misconception I’m seeing right now is people thinking house prices will fall.  While that may happen in limited markets, data shows prices will continue to rise, just likely as a slower rate.  So if you wait to buy, you will be buying at a higher price than if you buy today. CLICK HERE to read full article.

Housing: Heartburn, Not a Heart Attack

This article by economists highlights some solid points for continued real estate market strength:

📍Home prices should still rise 5-10% this year

📍Real mortgage rates (the rate minus inflation) are still negative

📍Rent should accelerate for several reasons:

  1. General price inflation
  2. The end of the eviction moratorium
  3. Higher mortgage rates shifting demand toward renting, and
  4. The fact that home prices are already high relative to rents.

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