Invest In Chattanooga

Chattanooga is an incredible place for real estate investing. There are opportunities for all types of real estate investing strategies from fix-and-flips, BRRRRs, short-term rentals (STR), and rent-ready homes at all price points.

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Why Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s real estate market benefits from a diverse economy that includes strong manufacturing, medical, financial, and service industries.

The region’s investments in ubiquitous fiber internet service has earned it the nickname Gig City, and brought in a wave of high income remote workers that can enjoy the low-cost of living and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities.

In addition to a strong local economy, Chattanooga boasts regional tourist attractions that bring in a steady stream of tourists to the area. The Tennessee Aquarium, located in downtown Chattanooga, was recently ranked the 5th best aquarium in the United States by USA Today.

Chattanooga is also known for its fabulous outdoor recreation, having won Outdoor Magazine’s Best Town contest twice! This brings a lot of residents and tourists to town for events large and small, including the Ironman Triathalon.

Population Growth Due to Relocations

  • United Van Lines’ January 2022 Survey put Tennessee as the 7th state on the list of top moving destinations, and Chattanooga as the 45th metro area in the country! source
  • Interested in data on who is moving here? This article dives into the statistics.
  • Why is Chattanooga a great place to live? U.S. News and World Report list it as the #49 Best Place to Live, #27 Best Place to Retire, and #3 Best Place to Live in Tennessee! source

The Returns

Chattanooga has great price-to-rent ratios where you can still find deals on the open MLS market that will rent out and cash flow on day 1. Like many hot real estate markets, Chattanooga has limited inventory, and the good deals go very quickly. However, there still are many deals to be had!

Investors in Chattanooga benefit from both great cash-flowing properties and above-average real estate appreciation. Landlord and business-friendly political environments in Tennessee and Chattanooga help make it an ideal place for investors looking to grow their wealth.

In both 2020 and 2021, we saw a 15% annual appreciation in the Chattanooga real estate market. We also have much more approachable price points than many other markets across the country. Our clients’ purchases in 2021 ranged from a $50,000 house that needed a full gut job to a $485,000 move-in ready house to be used as a short-term rental.

Long Distance Investing

Are you interested in investing in Chattanooga as a long-distance investor or out of state investor? That is our specialty! We have systems set up that specifically cater to long-distance investors looking to invest in Chattanooga real estate. Here’s a bit of what we do:

  • Virtual Showings: Online Album of Photos and Videos
  • Client Portal: Online Portal of Local Resources for Your Due Diligence
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  • Education: Education on Real Estate Investing and Chattanooga via YouTube and Facebook!

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