Short Term Rental Investing

Why Short Term Rentals in Chattanooga?

Chattanooga is ranked as an A class market for short term rentals by AirDNA, with especially high marks for rental demand and seasonality (meaning it’s popular year round).

source: AirDNA

In fact, AirDNA ranked Chattanooga as #3 on its list of Best Places to Invest in Vacation Rentals in 2021 & 2022! (source)

Chattanooga has topped lists of best places to visit, bringing crowds in!

What Short Term Rentals Do Well in Chattanooga?

Short terms rentals in Chattanooga do well in a multitude of neighborhoods, house sizes, etc. This is not a market where you need one or two specific characteristics, or to be in “the” cool neighborhood, to do well.

Many short term rentals in town are one, two, and three bedroom units, as you can see below.

Source: AirDNA

This is NOT a market where several families split a house for a week-long vacation (think Great Smoky Mountains or beach locations), so it’s a market where you can easily get a smaller, in-demand house at an approachable price point.

Where to Buy?

Typically there is a lot of opportunity within Chattanooga city limits. Right now, through January 2023, the city council has implemented a temporary moratorium on non-owner occupied short term rental permits (article here). Clients can purchase in city limits and run a mid-term furnished rental for now, we cannot guarantee what the permit ordinance will be in January 2023. There is a committee to examine short term rentals in the city limits.

Here are some other areas where we typically see great returns:

  • Northwest Georgia: Lookout Mountain, Trenton area
  • Lake Chickamauga
  • Pikeville

Client Short Term Rental Listings