Meet the Team

We have the Best and Brightest agents, along with a plethora of resources to help real estate investors easily and profitably buy and sell in the Chattanooga market.

Adrienne Green – Founder & CEO, Realtor

Adrienne leverages her financial, analytical, problem solving, and interpersonal skills to help clients buy and sell both primary residence and investment properties with an eye toward building wealth. She has experienced first-hand how smart real estate decisions, whether it be the home you live in or an investment, can create life-changing wealth.

For Adrienne, investing started with renting her basement. She and her husband had more space than they needed, and renting out the basement seemed like a good thing to get a little extra cash. Little did she know where this path would lead! Now they have many investment properties spanning and she uses her experience to help others build wealth through real estate! Having done ‘all the things’ in terms of real estate investing, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping others with flipping, BRRRing, long term rentals, and short term rentals.

Adrienne lives in North Chattanooga with her husband, three young children, and dog. She spends her free time enjoying local activities like boating, hiking, and exploring downtown with her family. 

Jessica Lombardo – Realtor

Jessica believes that real estate is the best way to build lasting wealth. She wants to help you achieve your investment goals, whether that’s a personal home to build equity or another rental property; she is there to help you every step of the way.

In terms of investing, Jessica Lombardo is an agent with personal experience in long distance investing, flipping, the BRRRR strategy, and short term rentals. She even has first-hand experience as a Home Inspector.

Prior to becoming an agent, Jessica spent time working as a Home Inspector. This experience has proven invaluable as she applies it to her own investments and to help educate those she works with.

Tevan Holder – Director of Agent Development, Realtor

Tevan grew up in the real estate industry, as her family owned a brokerage. Now she loves working in the field, helping other people with all their real estate needs! Tevan’s trademark tenacity for her clients means she will fight for every client’s transaction as if it was her own. This former basketball player loves to win, and she uses that energy to win for her clients!

Tevan loves helping investor clients doing short term rentals, long term rentals, value add, and flips. She has a side business furnishing short term rentals as well!

In her free time, she loves exploring new things in Chattanooga with her husband and golden retriever, Duke!

Leah Dimino – Realtor

Leah is a Virginia native who came to Chattanooga by way of Seattle and several deployment locations. She never thought she would find herself in real estate but here she is and loving it! Leah joined the military as a teenager, and even met her husband on deployment, She was a medic in the US Air Force, and was deployed to Afghanistan. After several years in Seattle, they moved their 2 boys and dogs to sunny Tennessee, and when it was time to buy a house they were led to Signal Mountain. They love everything about it and would not live anywhere else.

Leah is passionate about helping others relocate to Chattanooga, and loves sharing her love of the area with others. In terms of wealth building, Leah loves helping people consider the strength of their primary residence as well as investment properties. For investments, she enjoys helping people with long term rentals and short term rentals.

Besides real estate, her other passion is volunteering with Warrior Freedom Service Dog, which is a non-profit that takes rescued or donated dogs and trains them for veterans with PTSD. She loves to meet people from every walk of life, and she absolutely loves the city of Chattanooga so it was a natural transition into real estate. It is especially easy to sell something she loves, so give her a chance to sell your house and you will not regret it.

Ryan Calderon – Realtor

Ryan Calderon is a California native who came to Chattanooga by way of Austin. With a background as a chef who worked in some of the Bay Area’s top restaurants, he brings attention to detail and client service to his real estate career.

Ryan loves finding exceptional deals for the real estate investors he works with. In Austin, Ryan managed his own short term vacation rental, house-hacked rooms out of his personal residence, and eventually bought his first long-term rental property as well. He is passionate about real estate investing both for himself and his clients.

He is also passionate about helping transplants from other states find the perfect home (he knows all about the challenges that may come with such a big move). Last but definitely not least, Ryan loves to work with first-time home buyers. It’s a great feeling to walk someone through the process for the first time, he’ll never forget what a thrill it was to buy his first home!

In his free time, Ryan can be found enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Greater Chattanooga area (it’s like heaven on earth, so beautiful) with his lovely wife and dog.

Kyle Shrum – Realtor

Kyle Shrum was born and raised in the Chattanooga area. He comes from a background of 7 years in youth ministry and brings strong relationship building and communication skills to bear when working with his real estate clients. Kyle entered the real estate world in order to provide better for his family, as well as meet new people and help them accomplish their real estate goals.

In terms of investing, Kyle has personal experience with flipping that he brings to bear with his clients. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of investing to help clients make smart financial decisions with real estate.

Kyle is married and lives in Hixson with his wife and three children. He spends his free time with his family, and also plays disc golf from time to time.

Jilliane Acosta – Director of Operations

Jilliane is a Transaction Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, and Team Manager with 5 years of experience working alongside several prominent realtors in the real estate niche within the United States. Jilliane specializes in handling contracts and is responsible for overseeing the contract-to-close process, including checking system procedures and compliance on time.

Jilliane is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her experience, positivity, and energy to encourage her team to work hard and succeed. In her free time, Jilliane likes to travel, explore new restaurants/food, or simply spend time with her partner and 2-year-old son.

Jared Agosila – Client Care

Jeryq is one of Auburndale group’s client care administrators. He handles the newsletter, social media, and MLS listings. He’s been working as a real estate virtual assistant and transaction coordinator for 2 years now.

Shannon Poloyapoy – Client Care

Shannon is one of Auburndale Group’s Client Care Administrators who helps create a positive experience for the clients. Shannon is responsible for all communication and documentation involved in each transaction which also includes overseeing the contract-to-close process. Shannon also manages client inquiries, maintains client records and addresses client requests.

Shannon has been working for 7 years as an Administrative Officer and 2 years as a Virtual Assistant. Her experience taught her to be adaptable to all challenging situations and to work well both in a team environment as well as using her own initiative. She loves discovering new places to eat, traveling and spending time with her family.