Relocate to Chattanooga

Are you thinking about moving to Chattanooga? Of course you are- it’s a fabulous place!

You’re Not The Only One!

A lot of people are moving to Tennessee, and specifically to Chattanooga! We are seeing the area boom! There is still plenty of opportunity here, and residents are happy to see more people come to enjoy and love the Chattanooga area.

  • United Van Lines’ January 2022 Survey put Tennessee as the 7th state on the list of top moving destinations, and Chattanooga as 45th metro area in the country! source
  • Interested in data on who is moving here? This article dives into the statistics.

Living in Chattanooga

We often get asked by those relocating “What’s it like living in Chattanooga?”

  • U.S. News and World Report lists Chattanooga as #49 Best Places to Live, #27 Best Place to Retire, and #3 Best Place to Live in Tennessee! source
  • Weather: the area gets 4 seasons, albeit all of them are pretty mild. July’s high averages 89 degrees, January’s low averages 29 degrees. Snowfall averages 2 inches annually. What we do get a lot of is rain- 51 inches on average each year! Details here.
  • Popular Activities: Outdoor activities usually top the list! Boating, hiking, mountain biking are favorite pastimes of many residents. The Tennessee River flows right through town, and there are many parks and recreational areas around.
  • City Life: In addition to the outdoors, Chattanooga has a booming downtown and plenty of city attractions! These include the Tennessee Aquarium, Hunter Museum of American Art, Creative Discovery Museum, and the Chattanooga Zoo. Concerts at the Tivoli Theatre or Memorial Auditorium will entertain a music lover.
  • Dining Out: Chattanoogans love good food and drinks! There are plenty of delicious dining options to enjoy, this list includes many of the team’s favorites (and bonus: there are dog friendly choices on that list!).
  • Sports Events: The Chattanooga Lookouts baseball games or soccer games with either the Chattanooga Red Wolves or the Chattanooga Football Club are sure to be enjoyed!
  • Cons to Chattanooga: While we may thing Chattanooga is the best city EVER, it isn’t perfect! If we had to list anything that isn’t perfect about our city, it would be (1) springtime allergies can be tough (thanks to all our beautiful greenery and flowers!); (2) flying somewhere usually requires a layover, as the airport is smaller and flies to 9 cities (getting through security at the airport is so fast and easy, though!).

Buying a House

Buying a house in a new city is exciting, and yet there’s a lot to figure out!

  • Where to Live: Everyone has their own criteria of what would make a neighborhood a good place to live here in Chattanooga. So it wouldn’t be fair for us to tell you where we like to live, we’re not going to live in your new house!
  • Once you’re one of our clients, we’ll get you access to our Client Portal, which includes great resources that give you data and facts about different neighborhoods, schools, etc. so you can choose the place that’s the best fit for you.
  • Tennessee versus Georgia: Chattanooga is located very close to the state line, and it’s common that people live and work in both states! Tennessee has no state income tax, so that draws some people to reside on the Tennessee side.
  • Georgia’s strength is that housing costs are a bit lower, meaning you get more house for your money. Also, in Georgia it’s possible to get a house on acreage within a half hour of downtown, something that’s more rare to see on the Tennessee side.
  • Purchase Price: 2021’s median sales price was about $265,000. Compared to much of the country, Chattanooga is a more affordable market. We can discuss specific price expectations when we speak to you about your house criteria.