Financing your purchase is one of the most amazing features of real estate investing, it allows you to leverage your investment with some of the most favorable terms of any investment class.


Gabe Whitmer
Zack Nelson
Rusty Weink
Craig Brumlow
FirstBank Mortgage
Conventional primary, second home,
and investment property loans
Based in Chattanooga
Also investors
Bank has very competitive rates
Can loan in 47 states

Nancy Hale

-Commercial loans with great rates
-Avoid conventional loan limits
-Special options for utilizing
-equity towards future purchases
Nick Velez
The One Brokerage a DSCR loan that can use AirDNA
estimated income, giving you a better
DSCR ratio and a lower rate
-Offer a 15% down DSCR loan option for STRs
-Fees are $1295 lender fee + 2% origination fee
Upen Patel
Federal Savings Bank to finance somewhat “out of the box” deals
-Can go up to 50% DTI
-Full doc loans
-Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) loans
Mark Welch
KRAM Capital Group Loans
-STR and Renovation Loans
-Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Loans
-Jumbo Loans

Cash Out Refinancing

David Rawiszer – LeaderOne Financial423-326-8455DavidRawiszer@leader1.comCan do up to 80% or 90% LTV
on cash-out-refinance for
investment properties.
Alex Chin – Certain Lending206-800-1082alex@certainlending.comCan do up to 80% LTV
cash-out-refi for investment properties.

Hard Money Lenders

James Noonan – Convoy Home Loans541-591-8503James@ConvoyHomeLoans.comNo appraisal required so they can close quickly; competitive rates and fees.
Mike Kennedy – FLIPCO rep888-703-3547mkennedy@flipcofinancial.comNo appraisal required so they can close quickly; competitive rates and fees.
Drew McCabe – Zephyr Lending303-929-4013drew@zephyrlending.comPartnered with LaRossa Construction
No Draw Fees when using LaRossa
Quick turnaround
Tony Williams- Chattanooga Funding423-591-2222chattanoogafunding@gmail.com2 Options: 3 month note, 3%
origination fee and 15% interest;
6 month note, 5% origination fee and
15% interest
Finance 100% for purchase and rehab up to
70% of the ARV
They do NOT require an appraisal, and can
fund in 24-48 hours; they underwrite the
deal themselves based on their experience

Creating an LLC

Some people choose to own properties in an LLC. Here are some resources if you choose to do so.

1031 Exchanges

Drew McCabe – ERG
Dave Foster – ERG

Self-Directed IRAs

Self-directed IRAs allow you to use retirement funds to invest directly in real estate. It can be a great option for people wanting to do flips where tax liabilities are typically higher than other real estate investing strategies or people just getting started in REI and that do not have a lot of capital available outside of retirement accounts. Below are links to several self-directed IRAs that may be useful in your investing journey

Derreck Long – Quest Trust Companyderreck.long@questtrust.comHas great educational resources
on their website.
Kent Kinzer – Equity

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