Home Watch

We Watch Your House When You’re Not There!

Professional Home Watch Service
Serving Chattanooga and surrounding areas

Whether you have a primary, secondary, or investment property in Chattanooga, being out of the loop on your home’s condition is a thing of the past! 

With Auburndale Home Watch you’ll never have to wonder if the contractors are on track with your renovations, if you have storm damage, or if unauthorized people have accessed your home. We perform routine visits to your home, and provide a detailed report and photos of your house’s condition.

Would you like peace of mind knowing that your property is being cared for and looked after? If your answer is “yes”, Home Watch is for you!

What is Home Watch?

A visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues “

-National Home Watch Association definition

Home Watch is a service that performs visual inspections of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. We visit your house on a set schedule, check on the home’s condition, and document our findings. We then provide a detailed report and photos to you, and notify you of any concerns or issues.

You Might Be Wondering

Anyone who owns a property and isn't living in it at the moment! Examples include: real estate investors (we watch houses under renovation, short term rentals, long term rentals), homeowners who are travelling, people relocating to the area and not yet occupying their home, and vacation home owners.
Plans start at $55/visit or $80/month. Schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and what visit interval is ideal for you.
You choose! Plans range from once a month to twice a week. We require a minimum of one visit a month as anything less would not allow us to catch issues in a timely fashion.
Using our service is less expensive and easier than dealing with a house issue that is NOT caught early on.
We observe and report, we do not repair. If there is an issue that needs fixing, we help connect you with an expert! We can also facilitate their access to your house with a lockbox.
No! We do not handle money or tenants. We check on your property.

Packages Overview:

Below is an overview of our standard plans. Please schedule a consultation to learn more, and we will customize a plan to your needs.

1 Visit/month2 Visits/month4 Visits/month8 visits/month
Email/Text Notification
Photo Album
Secure Key Holder
Smoke Detector Check
Service Provider Lockbox
Mail/Package Management
Custom Checklist
Next Day Visit
Post-Storm Checkup
Home Systems Control
Change Air Filters
Car Services
Mail Service

Why Auburndale Group Home Watch?

We are home watch professionals active in the real estate industry. Our home watch service includes a thorough, 30+ point inspection of the condition of your home. We will report all issues that require your attention, inside and outside your home – complete with photos to show you.

Meet our Home Watch Team!

Adrienne Green is a real estate investor with her long-distance properties and an experienced real estate agent who has been serving the Chattanooga area for more than a year. She knows everything from her personal experiences and working with clients. Challenges arise with taking care of a property when you’re not living in it! That prompted her to start this Home Watch service. Knowing that for most Americans, their home is their largest asset and the value in investment properties, she endeavors to help clients take care of their investment through Home Watch services.

Adrienne Green