Home Watch

Professional Home Watch Service –
Serving Chattanooga and sorrounding areas
Services start as low as $80/month!

Whether you have a primary, secondary, or investment property in Chattanooga, being out of the loop on your home’s condition is a thing of the past! 

With Auburndale Group Home Watch Service you’ll never have to wonder if the contractors are on track with your renovations, if you have storm damage, or if your home has been accessed by unauthorized people.

Would you like peace of mind knowing that your property is being cared for and looked after? If your answer is “yes”, Home Watch is for you!

What is Home Watch?

A visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues “

-National Home Watch Association definition

Auburndale Group is happy to be able to offer this service, while going above and beyond. Not only will we visit your home, we will send you pictures and a condition update of the home. We also have many additional services we are proud to be able to offer in order to better serve you and your property.

Packages Overview:

All of our services begin with a real-time text or email notification that we have arrived at your home, a photo album to show you the condition of your home, and the peace of mind knowing that the key to your home is being held safely and securely.

Choose from our packages detailed below, and we can also perform individual services as requested! These services include customizing our checklist to suit your home, changing air filters, controlling your utilities and amenities, performing a standard check-up on your car, and so much more!

1 Visit/month2 Visits/month4 Visits/month8 visits/month
Email/Text Notification – Always know when we’re on your property, and when we leave!
Photo Album – Always know what your home looks like
Secure Key Holder – Rest assured we will never share your key with anyone
Service Provider Lockbox – Maximum security and efficiency in storing the keys to your home
Mail/Package Management – We will help you secure your mail and packages by moving it indoors or by forwarding it to you!
Custom Checklist – Make sure we see what you want updates on
Next Day Visit – Visit within 24hrs
Post-Storm Checkup – Complimentary checkup after any major storm
Home Systems Control – turn on/off AC, change temperature of the fridge, etc.
Change Air Filters
Car Services – run your car and update on any issues/damages

Why Auburndale Group Home Watch?

Sometimes second home and rental property owners will not hire home watchers for their property. They attempt to do it alone or rely on a friend, neighbor, or local family member to ‘keep an eye out’ and hope that nothing goes wrong. These can lead to detrimental results for your investment property. What is your neighbor supposed to do if an issue arises, such as your dishwasher starting leaking? If a tree falls on the house? For an affordable price, we will monitor your house twice weekly, once weekly, twice monthly, or even a once monthly schedule. Our home watch service includes a thorough, 30+ point inspection of the condition of your home. We will report all issues that require your attention, inside and outside your home – complete with photos to show you.

Meet our Home Watch Team!

Adrienne Green is a real estate investor with her long-distance properties and an experienced real estate agent who has been serving the Chattanooga area for more than a year. She knows everything from her personal experiences and working with clients. Challenges arise with taking care of a property when you’re not living in it! That prompted her to partner with August Muller to start this Home Watch service. Knowing that for most Americans, their home is their largest asset and the value in investment properties, she endeavors to help clients take care of their investment through Home Watch services.

August Muller V
Adrienne Green

August Muller partnered with Adrienne and Auburndale Group to help homeowners secure their real estate investments and have peace of mind wherever they are in the world. Growing up in a military family taught August the importance of maintaining one’s assets. His Army dad would diligently handle both home and investment property maintenance in a manner borne from years of military service. These kept the condition and value of the properties sound. August applies these same traits to Auburndale Group’s clients.