Chattanooga is facing opposition to short-term rental ordinances! 

Chattanooga is facing opposition to its proposed changes to the short-term rental ordinances!  An interest group has formed and already raised $25,000 for legal fees to battle the proposed changes if they should in fact become law.  

The Chattanooga City Council paused its non-owner occupied permit issuance last April so they could revisit the city’s existing regulations (and in the process rebranded “non-owner-occupied” to “absentee”, too!).  Since then, nearby Soddy Daisy as well as Hamilton County followed suit and have paused their permit issuance.  They are waiting to see what happens in the city prior to issuing their own ordinances.

While short-term rental permits are a bit chaotic within the city, we have had great success helping clients buy outside the restricted areas!  Most of the region has no special permitting or ordinances for short-term rentals, and these locations are quite convenient to downtown!  Reach out if you’re interested in investing in short-term rentals in the area, we’d be happy to help!

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